Work Injuries

December 15, 2016

Working Injuries

A number of workers are injured on the job every single year and these injuries may or may not be life threatening but some have been reported to cause serious injuries. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, workplace and illnesses cost the economy 198.2 billion dollars per year and that’s over half a billion dollars each day. Employing people goes hand in hand with their health and safety, the reason why many employers give much attention to health insurances and prevention programs. Working injuries are expected and providing a safe environment where people can work with peace of mind and confidence is the right thing to do in every work place.

Work-Related Injury

To what extent can an injury be considered as work-related? We will walk you through some of the common work injury:

  • Present at the workplace while on the job
  • Taking a break (like meal or rest) from work
  • Riding a vehicle provided by the workplace
  • Any accident that happened in the workplace or related to person’s work

When to Seek Treatment?

Treating work related injuries must be done right away after a work-related accident (e.g. falling debris) or if symptoms are detected that might have been caused by hazards at work (e.g. inhaling chemicals). See the doctor to prevent further injuries and for treatment to be applied immediately.

Early treatment is considered crucial as this can determine whether the injury is minor or major and it also means faster recovery from an injury. The earlier you submit yourself for consultation, the better. There is lesser or no room for employers to deny the injury that took place in the work place. Do not worry about the treatment cost, as long as it is work related your employer or the company is responsible to shoulder all medications, hospitalizations and other treatment plan included in your health insurance – this is you right and your benefit as an employee.